Campervanning with the kids

Considering hiring a campervan and going campervanning with the kids or perhaps you are looking at buying one yourself for family holidays? Not sure if it’s for you or if the kids would like it?

Having owned a campervan for the last 15 years and enjoyed countless holidays and short breaks with the kids since they were babies we thought it would be remiss of us not to share some insight into campervanning with the kids. So with that in mind here is our top 10 reasons why we think they will love it.

1. Kids simply LOVE campervans

First and foremost and by far the biggest reason to go campervanning with the kids is because they absolutely LOVE campervans. We should just stop here really, reason 1 is a big enough reason to just get away and see for yourself. From the moment the distinctive sound of the door swooshing open children can sense the promise of adventure a campervan holiday offers.

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2. Campervan holidays promise fun and adventure

The moment the kids see the campervan excitement levels rise to maximum levels, they can just sense that adventure is afoot. It’s fun, exciting, different to the norm and they know they are in for a holiday they will never forget. It’s the VW California is the Willy Wonka chocolate factory of the campervan world. You will feel like you have won the golden ticket the moment you set off on your campervan holiday.

3. Living in the moment

Family holidays usually require meticulous planning from start to finish. Like any holiday a little planning will help get the most from your holiday but a campervan holiday does allow for a certain amount of freedom and spontaneity that other holidays do not. With everything you need easily accessible and already on board stopping for the night and camping wild, cooking a meal under the stars, or taking a swim in a beautiful lake or river that you happen to be passing by on a hot summers day is easy. Kids love a bit of spontaneity especially if it involves something different and fun.

4. You discover more

Life is slower in a campervan. From the moment you set off on your holiday everyone takes a deep breath and the world opens up around you. Campervan holidays are all about exploration, discovery and adventure, a holiday ingredient list kids love. Check out our ‘Wild Guides‘ section on the website for inspiration on some child friendly exciting places to go and things to do. It’s also a great opportunity to connect as a family and discover and enjoy more about each other.

5. Kids sleep well in a campervan

You might be thinking how will I fit everyone and everything in the campervan, let alone sleep! No need to worry. See our blog about ‘Is the VW Campervan a TARDIS‘. As for sleeping, there are now worries there, you are in for a treat!

Both the double beds in the campervans are super comfortable. The upper roof bed is pocket sprung and the lower bed comes with an additional memory foam comfort mattress. All the windows have blackout blinds and you can usually hear a pin drop on most campsites after about 10pm. Following a day out running around, climbing mountains, swimming or just generally larking about in the outdoors everyone sleeps like a log and wakes up late and refreshed for a new day.

Most parents sleep downstairs and keep the upper roof bed for the kids. Unless you all go to bed at the same time this works well and they love it up there. Bring along their favourite teddy bear and warm throws and it soon gets cosy. For little ones our campervans also comes with a safetey net to stop them rolling out in the night. Sleeping in a campervan is just so exciting for kids and is all part of the adventure. Take a virtual tour of our campervans to give you a good idea of the layout of our campervans.

6. Planning and packing is a breeze

Planning and packing is easy. See the ‘Keeping it Simple‘ blog for more information on what to bring and our ‘kit list‘ on what we provide.

Keeping it simple is key and our advice is strip it back to essentials only – clothes, a few books, a few games and bedding (unless you are hiring from us). The beauty of campervan holidays is getting back to basics, it’s a refreshing change from airport stress, no queuing, waiting on buses, trains, immigration forms and all the stress that goes with all that.

There is a degree of preparation required to get the most from your campervan holiday but it’s all part of the fun and is minimal which when kids are involved is a big bonus. Remember the mantra, less is most definitely more on a campervan holiday.

7. Cooking up a storm

There’s no need to limit yourself to camping grub either, pots, pans, plates cutlery etc are all provided. Almost anything is possible and the joy of creating a delicious family meal is all part of the campervan experience. We like to stock up with lots of goodies so as not to have to keep stopping at the shops all the time. Make sure you pack all the kids favourites, there’s is plenty of storage space. Take a virtual tour of our campervans to give you a good idea of the layout. Check out the ‘Campervan Cookbook‘ for some ideas and inspiration.

Once parked up for the night, pop the top, swivel the driver and passenger seats around get inbuilt table out and hey presto you are set an evening of fine dining and games with all the family. Alternatively dine alfresco with a view under the in-built awning and make use of the separate outside table and camping chairs cunningly stored in the rear tailgate.

8. Campervanning is very social

People are always popping over to have a look at the van. Other van owners like nothing more than to chat about campervans, talk top tips/latest gadgets and great places to visit or stay. You will find most are very envious of the VW California, it is after all an icon in the world of campervans.

It’s a great way to get to know other campers and campervan owners and their families. There’s always a bunch of other children knocking about too. In my experience once the kids get to the know others on the site you won’t see them until they are hungry!

9. Campervanning with kids is cosy whatever the weather

The in-built heating system is super effiicient and keeps everyone warm and toasty on those days when the clag is down. Wake up late, enjoy a lazy breakfast. It’s amazing how many hours you can while away playing games, reading books, talking, laughing and cooking. Make sure you pack the hot chocolate and a warm rug, a must in days like these.

Life in the slow lane is just the tonic sometimes. Definitely plan for these days and hope not to get any. A good stack of games old & new is worth it’s weight in gold.

10. It’s great for budget holidays

Campervan holidays need not be expensive. Family holidays can soon add up and before you know it you have spent a fortune. Campsites are usually good value and some of the wilder, more basic sites (ideal for campervans) are very cheap. The campervans are also super efficient on fuel meaning its miles of smiles all round!

Campervanning with kids in a nutshell

In a nutshell campervan holdays are great for families. Fun and adventures are had and above all unforgettable memories are made. It’s a holiday you will all be talking about for many years to come.