Hodge Close/Parrock Ruins

An exciting flooded quarry in a deep, seemingly inaccessible amphitheatre, reached by an extraordinary descent into a jungle quarry. Truly awe-inspiring as the waterfall cascades down over the double caves. If the sky is blue, the water turns a deep indigo mauve. It’s popular with divers, and you can get to the water’s edge where you see the cave opening and the remains of a railway track and winch. Two adit tunnels also lead out to the W side. The reflection, when looked at sideways, can resemble a skull.

Directions: Start 31⁄2 miles S of Skelwith Bridge on A593 turn R signed ‘Hodge Close only’. Follow to parking about 300m before LA21 8DJ. Continue on foot past Hodge Close cottages (200m) to find a public path on the R. After 50m you’ll see the lip of a massive overgrown Parrock Quarry on R (54.4076, -3.0517). Descend carefully on the path and after 200m, after picking your way through the other-worldly woodland, you arrive at a huge cavern and the link to the third level is a quarry tunnel, on S face of mountain.